Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's All Piling Up (Plus, Hey! New Template!)

Yard Projects:

Front Yard

Weed DG areas!
Plant new shrubs in DG areas
Turn on sprinkler system, make sure it works
Set up new drip system for DG areas
Possibly reseed tiny patch of lawn

This is not my yard.

Back yard
Finish edging on patio
Assemble raised beds, add dirt
Plant herbs, lettuces, other veggies from seed (in raised beds)
Plant gaura, lavender and other perennials (not in raised beds)
Find 1-2 more decent shrubs for the new patio area (maybe another viburnum?)
Finish cleaning green paint off of old patio
Find cushions for new hand-me down chair, ottoman and chaise

It's been raining pretty respectably for Nevada but it is clearing up so it looks like it will be a good weekend to plant. I spent a solid couple of hours today trying to clean that stupid green paint off of the patio so tomorrow it looks like I will be working on the raised beds. Come on sunny weather!

Not on the list: planting tomatoes, peppers and zucchini, as that can't happen for another month or so. No tomatoes in the ground until the snow is off of Peavine, and it looks like it's going to be a while.


Anonymous said...

Very exciting! Are you making the raised beds out of wood, or concrete block? It looks very good that we will be living in a house we own by early summer and I have gardening on the brain. Well, I kind of always am a little bit plant-obsessed, but now my thoughts actually are moving in the direction of the possible as opposed to the fantastic. Can't wait to see your beds--I'm sure they look great.

Anne (in Reno) said...

The planters are kind of a story - my dad is very handy and helpful so a couple years ago he brought me some redwood 2x12s and we just bolted them together and now I have two4' square beds that have been doing great. However, I wanted more and when I priced 2x12s they would have been something like $100 for enough for two more beds.

Meanwhile helpful dad was redoing his deck and saved me some old redwood 2x6s so we drilled vertical holes in them and hammered in rebar to keep them together and then bolted them together. While not as pretty, they are still going to look good full of veggies this summer!

I'm sure concrete block would work and I know people ho have just used stacked rocks but if you go with wood redwood is the one to go with because something cheap like pine will rot out and anything that's treated to last will also be leaching those chemicals into your veggies.

I'll get some pictures once they're all planted up, I hope you can get some raised beds going in your new place! They are so much more productive and I love how they look!