Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Projects Without Pictures

1. I planted another batch of ground covers in the backyard. I still need three or four more gauras for behind things but I got in a half-dozen each of creeping/woolly thyme. With any luck they will spread like their compatriots have, as we promptly got a nice little dose of rain as soon as I finished planting them. Then all I have to do is set up my soaker hoses and plant my tender veggies and I am free to start on the front yard :X

2. I finally finished stripping whatever the coating was off of my end table. Now I just have to fill the cracks, sand and stain it. It's the crack filling I have been stalling on. But the finish was the worst to take off, there is no way any of the rest of it can be that bad. That stuff was so gummy and gross I can't even explain how happy I am to have it gone. And it is gonna look awesome! Gotta go buy some stain...

3. My new fridge comes tomorrow! Gotta do some cleaning out of expired condiments and suchlike tonight, maybe eat some frozen stuff for dinner. I am so excited! We have had this wacky old double-door fridge for so long and it is so loud and old and the ice maker is broken and it freezes my milk so this is it! Also, new fridge is about the same size but uses approximately 0.5 as much energy as this monster. So we get a rebate!

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