Monday, May 3, 2010

Dress-A-Friend Monday: Wende Goes Picknicking

Welcome to another round of Blogger Paper Dolls a.k.a. Dress-A-Friend Monday! This week I got to dress Wende, who describes her style as "gauzy, with a faint air of menace". I'm not sure if I fully captured it, but I know she likes black and flowy with color in the accessories.

Here, she is going to a fancy picnic, so I gave her a nifty little jacket in case it gets cool (ha) in the shade of those majestic palo verde trees.
And some mildly obnoxious accessories to keep it interesting. I love those sandals.

For a more casual look I found her an awesome patterned skirt as I know she is a fan of the flowy/black-and-white. The shoes with the skirt might be a little bit much but they look so fun! And I thought I could get away with a muted gray top as in person it is pleasantly metallic-looking. I actually remembered to include a picnic blanket for her to sit on, too.

So how'd I do, Wende? I think you need that orange leopard-print bag.

1 comment:

drwende said...

Wowza! The second pair of shoes, the jacket, and the necklace are very "me." And now I'm going to be looking for that first pair of shoes in a non-thong version, as I really like the starburst design but my poor little toesies can't handle the strap between them.

I've been eying polka-dots a lot lately but not finding any that fit, so score there, too.