Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just Like Heaven.

My house came with a pretty minimal backyard. I have been pretty much doing it from scratch out there one square foot at a time. However, in the completely impossible to see and neglected side yard, there are three big old lilacs. So right now, my kitchen:

my bathroom:

and my office:

all smell like heaven. Also note, best souvenir anyone has brought me in years, la rana hiding in that last picture was brought back from a friend visiting family in Mexico. And I LOVE him. He may deserve a better picture in the future... (the frog, not the friend).

And just because.


Cheryl said...

We just planted 2 lilac trees...I can't wait until we have big ole bushes!

Christine in DC said...

I'm late to this game, but lilacs are my favorite flowers, and I never get any in the spring. Waaaaahhh! There just don't seem to be that may lilac bushes here in DC. then again, me stealing neighborhood lilacs is a bit unseemly, too!