Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Dinner Party Advice? Edited To Reflect Current Plan

So I have determined a nice small dinner party is still a better deal than going out with my friends too often. The food is reliably good and the drinks are a lot cheaper. The current menu is as follows:

a couple of interesting cheeses
spiced nuts
crackers or baguettes
some kind of dip?

Roasted pork tenderloin
Roasted asparagus
Sauteed mushrooms (good on top of the pork)
More baguette
Green salad (probably spinach with dried cranberries and candied nuts)
Possibly another vegetable?


Some kind of berry pie or tart since the berries are so good right now, recipe is still up in the air. Nothing fancy. Will have to investigate that Cooking Light recipe, except I can't have almonds :( but The Kitchn had something similar recently...
Ice cream to go with it

This group is less into the fancy food so I'm trying to stick with classics. I'm
looking for:
a cocktail I can make a pitcher of and serve
a second side vegetable?
and a good berry pie recipe.

from here
Does anyone have suggestions? I'm just recipe surfing right now but I need to start shopping in a day or two...


Kerry said...

We are all about the sangria these days, which would go well with pork. The key is use lots of different fruits and let them macerate.

I'd skip the rice/polenta and stick with the baguette. Green salad, yes. Roasted green beans I am unsure about. Cooking Light had a strawberry almond cream tart last month that looked interesting.

Anonymous said...

I like Kerry's idea for Sangria--yum!

Your menu is really classic and reminds me of something my mother would have served at her dinner parties (well-they were never fancy, just get togethers with friends). Except she would probably have served scalloped potatoes instead of rice or polenta--we didn't eat a ton of rice growing up and I doubt she even knew what polenta was. The green beans would have been made on the stove with bacon, too--roasted vegetables falling into the category of food we didn't know about when I was a kid. Anyway, all this nostalgia made me think of the brandy slush that was all the rage among my parents & their friends. I'm not sure of the exact recipe, but there is a round-up of similar recipes here: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/brandy-slush-ii/morerecipeslikethis.aspx

My mom always served this with maraschino cherries.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Ooh, thanks for the intriguing beverage options, ladies!

I am trying to go a little more traditional with this meal because these guys are big eaters and their dates are slightly unknown quantities. So like a Thai vegan tempeh stir-fry is not the thing.

And roasted green beans are little green sticks of awesome, I highly recommend them. I will keep the green salad and see if I can do something to the roasted green beans that involves adding bacon. Thanks for the input!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Also, I kind of want sangria and brandy slush both. Decisions! I might have to have another party...

Kerry said...

Make brandied cherries for winter or cherry bounce for now.