Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another reason to be a vegetarian

I am just barely starting on this whole vegetarian thing, but farmed salmon, at this point, doesn't sound much better than beef to me. I try and verify my seafood choices on here now:

since so much seafood is now horribly unsustainably farmed and causes so much damage to the environment, OR has unhealthily high mercury levels. This may be a little weirdness of mine, though - I have a blind spot for sushi. I will only buy wild Alaskan salmon if at all, but I never ask the sushi chef where his fish comes from.

I'm trying to ease up on the fish now too though, has anyone got any good recommendations for a tasty brand of veggie burgers? We grilled portabella mushrooms last night and they were tasty but I am still looking for more options, this vegetarian thing is complicated!


Alana in Canada said...

Dr. Weil has some interesting things to say on being vegetarian. You may take a look at some of his stuff. He has a web-site, too.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Thanks for the tip, his website is not hugely helpful but I might stop by the library, I'm sure they've got some of his books.

Zack said...

I like just the standard gardenburgers. I used to get them from CostCo and grill them. Soooo good. Best if you can put a slice of tomato in there though for a little extra flavor and juice.