Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busy busy busy

Let's just do a quick recap.
  • First, went to work in a.m.
  • At lunch, ran to the mall to grab some desperately needed jeans and black dress pants, on sale for $20 and $25, respectively. Then came home to bring in plants that shipped here today so they didn't fry in the afternoon sun, locked myself out, had to climb in kitchen window and hop over sink. So, a bit of an unexpectedly long lunch there.
  • After work, went to the gym, then came home to plant new plants and make a pot of vegetarian chili.
  • THEN had to go to the store as we are attending a party tomorrow night where we have to bring a finger food to share, and then going to a weekend camping barbecue thing where we will probably end up sharing food with Matt's band as he may have forgotten to tell them they need to bring their own food. Also known as pawning off the leftovers on the less picky. (It's one of those "we provide the drinks and sides, bring your own meat" kind of barbecue and they have 5 acres so we will be camping somewhere out by horses. And then cooking breakfast the next morning. I think I may be too accommodating.)
I will post pics of the plants when they have grown in a little bit, they came tightly packed but look ok, just small and trimmed back pretty far. So they should go crazy now that they are allowed to, their roots were pretty squished. And they will bring a little spice to my purple and green backyard!

1 comment:

Alana in Canada said...

yes, we must have pictures, we must. What with the gravel and the beans and all--oooh, so exciting.

Meanwhile, I'll keep drawing fuzzy circles on paper with my rular, ruler, whatever.