Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Drama. And useful stuff too.

So my new old couch project has moved on to be someone else's new old couch project. All it needed was some cleaning and a slipcover and it was a super nice comfy couch. But it wasn't Matt's couch. So even though he was so helpful in getting it over here before I even asked him about it, he decided he didn't want it. And he was in a terrible mood so I called my helpful brother-in-law who has a nice big truck and we got the couch out of here. It is going to be well loved where it is but I don't know what I am going to tell the people who gave it to us in the first place (I was all excited and they were saying how nice it would be that they could still come and visit it).

On the upside, my helpful brother-in-law/owner of the truck that carried away my new old couch to its new home also carried away my bike to fix my back tire. And tune it up. And whatever else bikes need.

And this weekend we are renting a compactor so we can put in our respective gravel patios. We're doing it as a team - we split the cost of it and each help one another use it on each of our respective projects. Which is an awesome deal as my gravel area is 50% more of a project than his (he has one yard of base to lay and one yard of gravel - I have no base but three yards of gravel). So it's a good deal for me. But I have helped him with a lot of projects in the past. And I also babysit his kid for free.

And thus, the money that was to be spent on cleaning and slipcovering the new old couch can now go to purchasing the gravel and renting the compactor. ASAP. My backyard is going to be so awesome.


zooza said...

What a shame about the couch - these situations can be difficult, but at least you got it sorted with minimum angst.

The compactor sounds like fun (and noisy? and hard work?). Can't wait to see the results.

drwende said...

Oh my -- well, tell them that the couch needed to move on to find its destiny. Or look significantly at Matt and hope he doesn't blurt "Oh, she didn't like it after all!"

Yay for gravel!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Eh, it's one less project to worry about. We can tell them who we gave the couch to, actually, as he is an old friend of theirs too. That would hopefully solve any blurting problems...

I just got the call this a.m. we are getting a compactor for the weekend for $67 total! So we can do both our yards for that and it is an awesome deal! I will try to take some before/during/after shots with us and the machine in action.

Alana in Canada said...

wow. That is an awesome deal on the compactor. I have no idea what it is and why you need it to lay gravel (I thought one just shoveled it in place) but hooray for you!