Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quick post for Alana (I get my Canadians confused sometimes)

This is my particularly happy and currently aphid-free dogwood. I can't positively say that is is Cornus alba and not Cornus sericea but it is a red-twig dogwood and they don't exactly have a compact, neat form like you have pictured. And the way the dogwood shrubs I have seen seem to grow, I wouldn't want to try and trim it into a more uniform shape, I think it would look odd.

That said, I have been slacking and need to post new photos, I will try and take some tomorrow. I found the trim paint that we used to repaint either the eaves or the fascia, I'm not sure which, but we had a whole spare bucket of it so I am using it on the beams etc. in the little porch area. I am realizing that I will probably end up painting the porch ceiling next weekend since if I do the rest of the posts and beams and things they will all look nice and the ceiling will look even more gross. So I am trying to make a proper To Do list so I stop falling into random projects like that.

Also, the patio door is supposed to come next week, so I REALLY need to take some before pictures of my horrible sliding glass door ASAP.

And catch up on some darn memes, too. Soon!


Alana in Canada said...

That is a lovely composition! You are in a more temperate zone than I am. I can't get lavender--is that stonecrop set in behind? Lovely. Thanks for the picture. I'll most certainly talk to some folks at the Nursery about it--thanks for alerting me!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Um, I'm not sure what looks like stonecrop here, in front of the dogwood is the edge of a salvia and the edge of a smoke bush, behind the dogwood is a huge catmint and another smoke bush. This is a weird angle though, I need to do some more photographing in the yard this week and get some newer/better pics!

Alana in Canada said...

Yes, please. And identify--I need to know! (Thanks again!)
Smoke bush and catmint--I'll look 'em up.