Monday, June 9, 2008

More distractions (or, why I didn't work in the garden yesterday)

We have a new couch. But it's a new old couch. So we had to organize a friend with a truck to get it for us and I had to vacuum the living room, move the old couch and vacuum under it, and also vacuum both the old and new couches. And also feed the couch-movers lunch. It is green and shabby, at the moment, but I am looking at slipcovers in darker, more olive-y greens.
This is the old couch in its waiting-to-get-posted-on-Craigslist glory. It was a Dania closeout so it is respectable quality, but the back pillows were too big so Matt took out some of the stuffing. So now when you sit in it it sucks you in and it is hard to get out. It is easy to fall asleep on but kills your neck. The new old couch is from a buddy who had dogs so it still needs a bit of a shampoo job (next weekend, perhaps) as it has a slight eau de pug. However, it is so much more comfortable while still being deep enough to sleep on - the back pillows are way more functional. So I have ordered slipcover swatches and hopefully they show up soon! Also, if the slipcover works out, I will be getting another one for that hideous ottoman that Matt loves so much. Ugh.


Alana in Canada said...


Does it have a cleaning code tag? or do you know whether it has been shampooed before? Some upholstery doesn't like to get wet.

It looks easy to slipcover, too. The ability to sleep comfortably on the couch is a number one prioroity.

Zack said...

More comfortable than the old couch!? That is hard to believe! I will have to test it to be sure.