Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Here we go...

1. What is the problem with your yard/balcony/potted plant?

It is big and empty. We like to use the concrete patio but the mulch I put down blows onto the patio. I believe someone called it "a clean slate". No kidding. It is way too much wasted space that I want to use.

2. What would your garden say?

I'm booored. You have barbecues, and your guests never see anything because I'm so barren! I want to party too!

3. What is lacking that you would like to do?

Separate zones - multiple areas where one would like to hang out in my yard instead of huddling on the patio. This could include a hammock or a fire pit area... we've got the space. And I'm not super worried about fire safety as it's mostly sand (and soon to be gravel!).

4. How would you like your garden/landscape to be described?

Tidy and interesting. Just a little less part of the desert and more part of my home.

Also, overstock.com might get me in trouble. How wide of a branch do you think I would need to hang one of these from the maple tree? I might have to plant something to hide the compost pile...


Alana in Canada said...

Anne--are you serious about that thing?
I'd be afraid I'd never, ever get out of it once I was in.

How about a traditional hammock--with a pole or something for the other end?

Anne (in Reno) said...

Yes, Alana, I have sat in them before at craft fair-type places where they were for sale and they are incredibly comfortable - kind of like a hanging recliner. Traditional hammocks seem like the expense is all in finding something to hang it on - I don't know if I want to sink some kind of post out there just for my lounging pleasure and the standard hammock stand seems to be at least $100. If I'm spending that kind of cash in my yard it had better be on another tree to keep the maple company.

Alana in Canada said...

Well, if you have test-driven it, so to speak, then by all means! I've never looked into a traditional hammock--I don't think I'd want one even if we had two trees. Are they really that expensive?

How wide of a branch? Aesthetically or structurally?

For the latter, Mella had better comment, for the former...I'd say at least about an arm's length from the outside edge or a titch more.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Your average hammock is relatively cheap but a free-standing hammock stand is definitely not cheap at all.

I just worry that my branches are not thick enough to support my weight. And that I would fall asleep out there and forget to lock the front door or something.