Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Body Language (late to the meme!)

If forced into motion, what's your first preference?
When there is no snow on the ground and it is less than 90 degrees out (so, just over half the year here), yard work. Planting, pruning, mowing, moving rocks, you name it, it is my exercise of choice. Also probably why it would be great for my health to move back to Oregon so I could garden year-round.

When you have a gym membership, do you use it?

No. As much as I enjoy lifting weights, I hate cardio. If the gym had decent showers, I might be persuaded to swim more, but as is, I have never found any cardio I could stick to (past high school, where, with one's dad as one's coach, it is way easier to stick to the workouts he plans).

If you could change your body type, would you?
Not really. I might make my feet smaller so it would be easier to buy shoes, but as I spend enough on shoes as is, making it easier might not be the best thing for my bank account. Now, if making my skin less sensitive/allergy and acne-prone was an option, I'd be all over that. But I am used to being big with long legs and broad shoulders and it could be worse.

Mandatory high school P/E -- discuss.
Never minded it in junior high, but in high school you got out of it if you did marching band. Or sports. I did both. I am an extra-special type of nerd-jock. Basketball I was ok at, but I succeeded far better in track (not really a team sport so I could win things without success being contingent on other people not sucking). Did you know you can letter in both sports and marching band? I have so many of those letter things I never even bothered to get the jacket as they wouldn't all fit on it.

Worst feature?

Eh. I an not in love with my thighs, gut or upper arms. That seems standard, though, for most women in some form or another. As long as I can run around in a skirt and a t-shirt I am not going to sweat it though.

Best feature?
Long legs. My sister is 6'2" and I am 5'10". If I recall correctly, we have the same length legs and she carries that extra height all in her torso. Yes, she played basketball too. But it sure makes me love skirt-wearing weather.

Also, while my huge hands make it impossible to buy womens' gloves, I am going to go with Wende and point out my 10-note span ;) which made life easy during the brief period when I played upright bass, as well.

There are some blogs I have stopped reading - I don't seem to hate my body enough to qualify. I am, of course, trying to lose weight, but a lot of that is due to comments from other people (for my own good, of course). There is a distinct possibility that, without those comments, I might just turn into a slug, as I don't worry about my body that much in general.

And just for fun:

I was going to put in Body Language and try to pretend it was relevant, but I totally like this one more.


scb said...

You people showing off your ten-note finger-span!!!! ;-)

Gardening is a wonderful form of exercise -- and it's productive, too. And involves beauty, and creating beauty (or helping beauty to create itself). I give it two thumbs up!

drwende said...

Hmmmm... it couldn't be that you and I and Mella and Kerry have all stopped reading the same fashion blog, could it?

Anne (in Reno) said...

I like that, SCB, gardening as artistic expression plus exercise! And tomatoes!

Wende, I think that is a distinct possibility, although I do go back for the How To posts still, while avoiding the Be Happy With Your Body, Dammit posts.