Saturday, May 23, 2009

Holiday Weekend = Project Time!

Project 1 - repaint bathroom (too dim, already has dark tile, sick of the blue, ceiling shouldn't have been blue in the first place).
So far the ceiling has two coats of white, and the testers on the wall are both too light. Yes I know I just said I wanted it lighter, but I want it to be sort of a light coffee color and these are both too yellow.

Project 2 - recycle metal pile, cardboard pile

This just involves loading up the car and carting all this stuff off. Wherever it is supposed to go...

Project 3 - wedding outfit?
This just involves sucking it up and driving down to the far end of town and fighting the mall crowds. But it does imply getting it over with so I don't have to keep surfing the Banana Republic and Anthropologie websites to see if the stuff I like goes on sale or comes back in stock in the right color (for example, the Anthro dress is back in stock in the interesting teal color but the brand might run small and it is NOT on sale, sigh).

Project 4 - clean concrete back porch?
If I can find the appropriate toxic chemicals during Home Despot trips...

Project 5 - backyard wants a couple of pepper plants and some more salvia.
Probably not likely, given the amount of time Home Despot trips usually suck up. We'll see what we can find.

Project 6 - weed front yard. Bleah.
Got about half of this one done last weekend, so I'm going to go hit the rest right now before it gets hot...

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