Sunday, May 24, 2009

Project Update (no pictures 'til it's light out again)

Project 1 - The bathroom walls have been properly textured and the ceiling is now painted white (it already looks lighter in there). One wall is now a lovely milky coffee color that looks great with the dark slate and white trim. Back to HD in the morning to get a gallon of it and do the other walls.

Project 2 -
Stupid recycle place got bought out and is now closed on weekends. And after we FINALLY got all that stuff in the car and trucked it down there, too. Grr.

Project 3 -
I finally broke down and bought two dresses online from Anthro. Therefore, I can't worry about anything else until they show up. Hopefully at least one will work... and no running around to the mall this weekend after all. Oh darn.

Project 4 -
Not this weekend, not no way, not no how.

Project 5 - Go figure, a new branch of a local nursery just opened up around the corner from my house. As in, even closer than Home Despot. So I got three peppers and a salvia. And also some seeds to put in. Tomorrow...

Project 6 - Another not this weekend.

So tomorrow is paint and garden time again. If I can get it mostly done it will have been an awesomely productive weekend. Also, if I can get my lappy to talk to me. Whenever it wants to Install Updates and Shut Down it always is pissy and won't start afterward. I know I am supposed to wait for the black screen to go away because it is processing the updates after the restart but I left it on yesterday and it stayed on the black screen all day. This may require an email to a helpful computer friend. Sigh.

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