Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Church Gigs - there is nobody more appreciative than a Sunday morning audience. They likes their brass LOUD. I am good at that. Also, they pay.

My Garden - it is finally getting warm enough at night that stuff is starting to either sprout or bloom, that means this weekend will be bonzo planting time for the tender stuff: tomatoes, basil, peppers, zucchini and maybe some melons or squash, we'll see. Green stuff now sprouting includes lettuces, beets, kale, carrots and radishes (and I have been thinning the radish sprouts already and they taste great! very peppery, they might make it in a salad tonight...). And I still have spinach seeds and pole beans to plant!

Any Excuse For A Party - we had friends come into town to hang out last weekend, so I made crepes. I am going to have to make some more excuses to make crepes, we had strawberries and whipped cream and tart apples and lemon curd and powdered sugar for the sweet, and sausage, roasted asparagus, spinach, sauteed mushrooms and feta for the savory. There were four of us. I made a double batch of crepes and we still ran out. Yum!

Image from here

My New Bag - it is official. I am SO not a small bag person. From here.

Swedish Blogs - oddly enough, I have three Swedish blogs that I kind of love:
Chez Larsson satisfies all my Martha Stewart tendencies,
satisfies my wanderlust and general Euro-philia,
and Letters From The End Consumer just makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Summer Is Coming - this means live music down by the river, barbecues and sundry outdoor parties, and graduation (so I can park at work since it's not full of students stealing my parking spots).


scb said...

Mmm... radish sprouts! Hot and peppery and delicious.

And I sense that there are going to be crepes in my future. Saturday seems as though it would be a good time.

I'll be back tomorrow to check out those Swedish blogs. (Have you had Swedish pancakes? Basically, sweet crepes with tart lingonberry sauce on them. They. are. wonderful. I can't find lingonberries here anymore, so I use cranberries. Same idea.)

Anne (in Reno) said...

I have never had lingonberry sauce, I might have to look around for that. Are cranberries about equivalent? Because they are often too tart, in my book. Come next crepes, we will see. Hope yours were yummy!

lsaspacey said...

If you can get to an IKEA, you can get frozen lingonberries there in the food section, also yummy Swedish meatballs.

Crepes with hot lemon curd, YUM. The first time I had that was in New Orleans.