Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stop. Just STOP. (also a little bit late, would have made more sense about a week ago but I'm behind)

Yes, the Idol kid is good. Yes, it's sad he didn't win. Boo hoo.

Now STOP comparing him to Freddie Mercury. He could wipe the floor with any of them damn Idol kids, and they need to remember that.

Thank you me darlings, you load of tarts! He sounds like Captain Jack Sparrow... He was not just a rock musician, with that tone and that control. Everything he did was on purpose. Not a throwaway note.

I will stop now, but I am sick of the Idol people trying to compare a talented kid to a musical icon when the kid would probably give his left nut for a tenth of that skill. Freddie Mercury was a real star. And dude could play the piano, while he was at it. That kid wouldn't be making it at all without groundbreakers like Queen.

And also, I don't think he had a stylist. But that's just me guessing. Maybe somebody was out there tracking down the perfect spandex harlequin jumpsuit...

Edit: does that last guitar solo sound like Winnie the Pooh's "I'm just a little black raincloud" to anyone else?


lorijo said...

I just couldn't stand his high pitched scream.
I never heard him compared to Freddie or my head would have exploded on the spot!

Anne (in Reno) said...

See I think I just didn't hate him as much as I did the other two guys, at least his high-pitched scream was on purpose (which was why I thought the Zep cover worked relatively well) instead of just whatever death moans that one dude did during Aerosmith. But I got SO sick of the FM comparison.