Thursday, May 21, 2009

Out of control!

So remember the weddings I have this summer? One is a backyard wedding in the Bay Area, one is a fancy 20's wedding in Pasadena, and one is in an Italian restaurant in Utah. The dream is to find stuff that I can wear to all of them. Hah.

The first dress I ordered was definitely not the right size, so I found this:

So of course they are out of it in the color I like. And my size. Sigh.

This one is on sale, and gets extra points for being a color other than black. Currently the front-runner. My only worry is that it looks like it is giving the model a bit of a tum. Not good.

This is the stuff that I already have and want to use. It looks like it might work with the blue dress...

The clutch is definitely more of a true red than it looks, and it conveniently holds way more than you would expect...

The shoes go with everything, so I am not super worried about them. I went to the local crazy resale/costume store and they have some amazing beaded dresses, but of course they are super expensive and a one-time use type thing. So I may just keep contemplating the dresses above and just wear whatever I end up with with a long necklace and a feather in my hair for the fancy 20's wedding.

The practical goal would be to just find a great top/wear a top I already own with my nice black skirt and the already existing accessories. But what fun would that be? The real goal is to only buy one dress for all the weddings. Beyond that, I am not going to stress. But wedding #1 is coming up soon! And this is the one I am going to without a date, and where there will be multiple people there who I may or may not have briefly dated in high school. Talk about insecure, needing to dress to impress them. Sigh. But really, the bride-to-be was my maid of honor and I do need to look good for her. Yeesh.


Marianne said...

I adore the first dress. The second dress is nice too, but an unstructured knit like that is a bit casual for a wedding, no?

After taking a look at Anthro's website, it looks like they have a great selection of great dresses. I wouldn't hesitate to spend $150 on a beautiful, solid color dress, because if you love it you'll find lots of excuses to wear it.

Also, try Urban Outfitters: they have some nice dresses sometimes as well.

Anne (in Reno) said...

ck it up and buy some stuff so I can get this resolved, a good dress will last me for many weddings to come... but you are an Anthro fan, aren't you? Have you ever bought the Velvet brand? I am tempted because they look pretty forgiving, but do you know if they run small?

Anonymous said...

I too think the first dress is just fabulous! Can't you find it your size somewhere else? Or consider a new colour? It's gorgeous!

Anne (in Reno) said...

So I got the first dress in teal and another dress in black. We'll see if either of them fit and how the color looks in person, I am fairly certain they'll both be adorable but I have no idea of the fit on this brand... thanks for the moral support ;)