Friday, October 9, 2009

Best Halloween Costume Idea Ever.

So Matt is, bizarrely enough, a big fan of Lady Gaga. He hates club music but LOVES that she writes her own stuff and he has found a bunch of videos of her doing acoustic versions of her big hits and she really has a voice and plays the piano, as opposed to so many starlets who sing via AutoTune and don't play anything. So he has kind of won me over on her behalf (I have a soft spot for small amounts of techno-ish stuff and an even bigger soft spot for those who don't lip sync on SNL). Seriously, the song is catchy but the video is amazingly well crafted. Watch the whole thing, it's a mini-movie in like seven minutes.

If I was willing to spend the $$$, we could go as the couple from this video. And that would be AMAZING. Maybe if I was Gala Darling. Not for the party I'm going to though. It should be fun, it's a lot of cool people who love special effects so the decor should be great and costumes should veer away from the slutty fill-in-the-blank.

And Matt is totally getting a Lady Gaga t-shirt for Christmas.


Alana in Canada said...

Someone else posted her actually singing and I thought she was great. I have no idea who she is in popular culture, though, nor have I heard any of her "hits" (that I know of.) So what are you dressing up as for the party?

Marianne said...

Wow! Both of those videos were amazing. I saw a video of her singing back when she was an NYU undergrad - back when she had brown hair. She's got a set of pipes, that's for sure, and I love her weirdness.

Going as her for Halloween could be amazing and epic, but it would take a LOT of prep...and probably the services of a makeup artist.