Friday, October 2, 2009

Halloween Question

Hello all, I have another question for everyone. What do you folks all do on Halloween? Do you dress up? Scare little Trick-or-Treaters? Stay home with the lights off? Go on a bar crawl dressed as a zombie?

See, there are many options available in a town like Reno, and most of them involve dressing sluttily in very cold weather (you'd never think zombies could be so, um, sexy). In recent memory I have gone as a 1940s Girl Reporter (excuse to wear a fedora + suit coat = pretty darn warm) and a Mildly Irritated Scientist (too lazy for Mad Scientist + excuse to wear glasses + a lab coat = those things are warmer than they look). Not that I have photo evidence of any of these, of course. Anyways, this year some friends are throwing a Halloween party. And they are thorough. Heck, invitations are already out and it's barely October. So I want a rad costume.

My question is, does anyone have any reasonably priced and not slutty clever costume ideas they'd care to share? I have been hooked on a certain blog that makes dressing all 1940's style look super easy and I kind of want to go with that (make Matt grow a pencil thin mustache and go with me as Django, he's already got the guitar), but I have no idea who I'd be, character-wise. I can't just go as "from the 40's" (or at least I have decided I can't).

Any help? Ideas? People who are better at this than I am?

Edit: I forgot - Zack took pictures one year. Very artistically, too. Matt stayed home that year and he was my "date" and then got in trouble with some girl who didn't bother to notice I had a WEDDING RING ON that was not part of the costume. Sorry, Z.


Kerry said...

If you memorize the dialogue and break into it every so often, you can go as Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant (is that it?) in His Girl Friday.

guiltypartner said...

sweet pic!

the boyfriend throws a costume-required bash every year. i usually make my own costume, but this year i am behind schedule.

-you- should be helping -me- with my costume!

LOJO said...

wish I could help, but I always go as a zombie or dead bride or witch- no experience with 40's.