Thursday, October 22, 2009

Signing Off For Now.

After seeing that movie I am really excited to see the Edge live. Bono is kind of a goober but he seems to mean well in general. Even though I've decided he could be Robin Williams' little brother. Anyways, first I'm gonna rock, then I'm gonna roll! See everybody when I get back (metaphorically speaking, that is)!


Anonymous said...

so my delivery driver was telling me that muse opened up for u2 in dallas, and i realized that the black eyed peas may not be opening up for them at the show you're going to.
so my fergie ferg comment may have drawn blank stares.

oh, forget y'all, i don't have to explain myself to nobody! i'm an adult. i pay taxes.


scb said...

Have a wonderful time!!!! (I know you will)

The Management said...

Have fun! Punch Bono in his douche for me.