Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not A Cure? *Warning* MORE Brick*

Since Alana is posting kitchen pictures, I might as well join in! I am having ~20 people here for Thanksgiving. Most of them will be milling about the living room, as there will be big tables everywhere else. So I finally decided to bite the bullet and get it under control. This is a very loose definition of "under control". The living/dining areas are connected and I have already started "Curing" the dining area with a new neutral tablecloth, equally neutral paint job, tiny vase from my sister's wedding that is perfect for keeping full of nice herby greenery from the yard, and a light fixture that doesn't fight with anything. The dining area is going to be considered under control, for now (I promise it's not boring with all that neutral, it still has the purple couch Matt bought from a tattoo parlor).

So here are the living room goals:
- Move furniture away from walls.
- Vacuum and dust EVERYWHERE (this is big as there are CD racks and stereo equipment to deal with and they are HEAVY).
- Paint walls.
- Store some guitars and amps somewhere else. There was a big step made here when I actually removed ALL the amps to clean and vacuum around them and Matt agreed that I could store elsewhere the ones that weren't used regularly since they are big fat dust collectors. So the huge Peavey is headed for the garage in a nice overcoat of dropcloths and we are down to three amps in the living room. Guitars are next...
- Store some CDs somewhere else so the extant guitars can be more efficiently organized. I already moved a crate of mine to the garage after backing them all up onto the lappy, now I just need to get Matt to do the same with his...
- Obtain (buy/make) new pillow covers for the throw pillows on the couch/loveseat. This would be easier if I wasn't so darn picky. Where do people get throw pillows that aren't $100? We actually put our faces on these during naps so the fancy ones with buttons and beads just leave weird marks.
- Create and maintain space around the couch so when my dad shows up with a pair of end tables (Have I mentioned my dad is rad? My Dad. Is Awesome.) they can be put in their respective spots without having to rearrange everything right then.
This is the view to your immediate left when you walk in the front door. I am going to try and eliminate the short CD rack so we can line up guitar cases against the wall by the window. Then we can get to CDs and guitars both. Right now the corner rack is the dumbest storage idea ever. It would be more accessible if I just put the whole rack in the garage. Hmm...

I have about a month on this. What do you think? I am going to try and get the wall by the windows painted this weekend. Or maybe next weekend. I'll take whatever I can get.
Direct view of the front wall that will be painted first (no CD racks to move). If you click you can see the lovely fireplace wall with stacks of amps. Those are mostly no longer there. It's a start. I have many other dreams of how to make this a nicer space but this is my trying-to-be-realistic phase right now. We'll see how it works out.


drwende said...

You make this sound so cool that I want to find something to Cure just so I can come play, too! (Or maybe I want to invite myself to your dinner. As is usual, I see why you're wanting to improve the space, but I also like your home a lot.)

The places I always look for throw pillows are Pier 1, Cost Plus, Target, and MarshMaxx. I don't think I've ever bought any at MarshMaxx because they run toward brocade and fringe. I miss Mervyn's -- they were marvelous for cheap throw pillows.

Anonymous said...

so i walk in, slowly. take an immediate left and carefully sit cross-legged on that sweet-ass rug, away from anything that may fall on me (precariously-dangling guitars, earthquake-loosened brick, comfy smothering pillows) and someone can just make me a plate and bring it to me (meat pre-cut, soft non-stabbing vegtables, and a spork) and i'll huddle ever so small-ly there while your families walk around me all day and question you in other rooms as to my appearance and whining-for-more-pie.

thanksgiving is going to awesome this year! thank you god for A(iR) and the musical hotness that is matt.

Alana in Canada said...

When is Dad bringing the end tables? I can't wait to see them.

Can you relocate the elvish-tree-like lamp in front of the window to a corner? It doesn't look well placed just right there, somehow.

Anonymous said...

Do the guitar cases have guitars in them? Clearly these are out here because they're used, but I'm wondering if the cases could be stored under your bed? Several will fit quite nicely under there. Also wouldn't be too inconvenient to access either. Unlike a closet where other items may be supported by said cases (or perhaps your closets aren't like mine).

We don't have an Ikea nearby, but I think you can get nice feather or down filled pillows with random covers and then change them out for the cost of some fabric you like better (maybe found at Ikea, too!).

Your living room looks comfortable. I see what you mean about the brick.

Anne (in Reno) said...

wende, um, thanks! Never thought I'd make rearranging amps sound cool. I'll check out Cost Plus, our Pier 1 closed and Tarjay has not been forthcoming in the pillow dept.

gp, you'll just have to hold very still and wait for me to bring you pie. Pumpkin or apple?

Alana, he made the existing end table but it was originally a nightstand. The matching round pair will be coming up with him at Thanksgiving.

lauralynne, I keep hoping to hit Ikea when we go through Sacramento and it has not happened yet. I am trying to graduate the stored guitar cases to the garage as our bed is a captain's bed and has convenient drawers underneath (well, convenient for sock storage more than guitars).