Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flakey McFlakerson

So I have spent an excessive amount of time trying to convince people to dress up with me for Halloween as the cast of Mad Men (or at least a couple of them). I was going to be the redhead and I had a friend who could pull off the main blonde and the boys could just wear suits (fedoras optional). And now I totally don't want to. Waah.

It's the updo. I just don't care enough. I've even been practicing. And I can't find a wig anywhere. Some people make the retro hairdos look so easy. But my hair is apparently super slippery or something. Because it will not stay up. And I just don't want to try any more. I want to be a generic femme fatale with my hair in my eyes and a tidy little suit so I don't have to spend more money on a Halloween costume. So waah for me.And off topic, I have to say thanks for all the comments on my kitchen, it is SO on the chopping block as soon as we save up some dough but until then, new hardware is tempting me. But I have to say, 40 hinges and 25 pulls is still not a small investment. Le sigh.


drwende said...

Hairstyles from the Mad Men era require teasing the roots in order to get volume and thickness. Given your normal hairstyle, this is not something you want to do to your hair.

Go for a look that allows you to wear a clever hat, so that the hair on the top of your head can stay flat and any difficult shaping is done by pinning the hair to the hat.

Anonymous said...

question: was your hair clean when you tried to style it? i ask because you seem to have light baby-angel hair and if it were squeaky-clean, it may not hold. i'm not saying you should go nasty with it or over-gunk (a real word!) it, but a little bit of your natural oils should help control it a bit.

look, when a complete faggot gives you a beauty tip, you say "thank you" and never question it. we're just trying to save you from looking at all those unhealty body images in the magazines, all the while providing you with a girly, yet non-threateningly uncatty word of advice.

also, guys like it when you hum.

see? that one was completely free.

Anonymous said...

OR you could just wear a hat.

(but turn the bill backwards for the blowjob)

what? guys like to look in your eyes.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Wende, I did attempt to tease my roots, I am fairly convinced I have none of the proper accouterments to pull this "hairstyling" craziness off. I am clever hat shopping as we speak.

gp, my hair is naturally kind of oily and limp and thus I tend not to put product in it (at ALL, I own almost none other than a couple random things that either say Shine or Smooth on them). It wasn't actually clean at the time (I do read the occasional magazine) but I think it's partially that it's also longer than it has ever been so I feel like I should be able to do stuff with it. I may try again next time I have particularly oily hair. And I very much appreciate the advice.

Although if you give much more advice like those last bits I may need one of those adult content warnings like you have. Or a helmet, I almost fell out of my chair laughing and there is dangerous brick around here!

Anonymous said...

why do you even bring up that deadly deadly brick?

i practically start sweating.

so yeah, no more dirty talk. i mean, no more than your average february cosmo. got it.

drwende said...

Something that works on some hair, if the problem is that it's too oily and needs to be a bit bushy and rough to work the style -- wash it in a cheap, brutal shampoo like Prell and then style when newly washed. This is often recommended for opening the hair shaft so dye will "take," too.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Wende, really? Everywhere I've ever read says that dyeing and styling are two times when it's really necessary to have dirty hair. Fascinating.

However, I finally decided to go the generic femme fatale route, when I went to take some clothes that don't fit to the local trippy resale store - they had a perfect little black hat with a tiny veil. So that decided it. And it can be worn with the generic Veronica Lake side-sweep (which I can totally do). Now I just have to figure out how to get the hat to stay on...