Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monday Blogger Paper Doll Challenge: Cookbook

Cookbook is the originator of the Dress-A-Friend Monday Blogger paper dolls so this one is for her. She describes her style as Quirky Conservative and I got to dress her for the Kentucky Derby.

1. Hats! I know this isn't hugely fancy but I love the color.
2. Pattern and black and white both seem to show up a lot in her sets.
3. Bracelets! I thought a necklace and/or earrings would fight with the hat so I tried a bracelet instead.
4. How awesome is that bag? SO awesome.

5. The Infield is apparently the casual/party area. So still with the hat, but not so fancy.
6. Flats for when one gets tipsy/tippy.
7. More streamlined shapes but still with some pattern and blocks of color.
8. How do we feel about white pants? I like them in theory. Also for other people. And blogger paper dolls ;)

So how did I do?


Cookbook said...

I really like both the outfits! I would totally wear the "fancy" one especially. Love the bag. And yes, the hat is very simple, but I think I would feel weird wearing something craaazy.

I love that dress so much I might buy it.

The infield outfit I like too. It's simple, casual, yet a little dressy. I like the idea of white pants but the infield is full of dudes spraying beer and is also outdoors -- when it's rainy people go mudsliding! I would probably wear the white pants to a Derby party at a friend's house and substitute jeans for the Churchill Downs infield! ;)

Anne (in Reno) said...

I love that dress too! I am trying to think what I could wear it for so I can justify buying it too.

And I think jeans would look equally nice with outfit #2 - I am skeptical about white pants in general but they sound like a terrible idea for somewhere muddy!