Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wt Week 4...ish?

1. Consider. If your best or worst features on the questionnaire involved face, hands, hair, or feet, you're ahead of the game. Identify what among these features you want to draw attention to, which you'd like to draw attention away from, and which you'd prefer to just manage quietly with the least fuss.

Fond features were hair and lips. Since I just cleaned out my makeup and did some investing, I’m not too worried about the lips (also I am possibly a lip product hoarder). Most of it is just managing for day-to-day without the aforementioned fuss. I'd like to learn how to do better makeup (I actually had "get a makeup lesson" on my To Do list already) for when I do wear it in any noticeable quantity (usually just for evenings out).

Hair I have no idea what to do with, I am considering some highlights (are they highlights if they’re red? Maybe they’re accent streaks). I never learned to “do” my hair so there is no curling or straightening or product use for the most part. I have some de-frizzing/volumizing stuff that I use every once in a while but it doesn’t seem to do much. I miss being a redhead, and while that is high-maintenance and expensive, my local salon has a deal on x number of streaks for y$ and I am thinking of getting some low-contrast bits of auburn going on.

2. Dump. Go through your make-up, hair products, lotions, perfumes, and other prettifying items, dumping the stuff that's expired, icky, used-up, or never to be used again. Make a list of what you want to replace.

Dumping has occurred. Old eye makeup is gone, that was one of the main targets of the cleanout and has been replaced by a couple of starter products. One greeny-brown liner without too much shimmer and one olive green (“martini”) shadow with NO sparkle. I do not like sparkly eyes, I always feel like I look sweaty when I have shimmer of any kind on. Also my eyes are very irritable so I am testing a product or two at a time. Anyone have shadow tips or links to good basic ones? Also, for how much I use it, I am probably due for a new bottle of foundation-type stuff. I cleaned everything else out pretty recently but that stuff lasts forever as I only use it to even out blotchy bits and I am thinking I might like something lighter. Right now I use Clinique's Superbalanced something or other and it isn't bad. I don't use it often enough to definitively love or hate it. Any recommendations for sensitive skin on which makeup rarely lasts?

3. Evaluate. Consider your current I Feel Pretty routine. Does it call for tweaks? If you're low-maintenance like me, you will not want to commit to anything involving a blow-dryer, a round brush, hot rollers, and more than one variety of product-to-hold-hair-in-place. However, there are often little things we know darned well we should do, as they give big pay-offs.

I’m at a loss here. I think I need to go get the lady who cuts my hair to give me a lesson in how to actually style it. My hippie paraben-free shampoo and conditioner work fine but I'd like to find a defrizzer that doesn't make my hair look oily or dirty. I do a glossing treatment every couple of months (when I remember, which means I am probably due for one again soon). I feel like there are habits I should work on building, but I don’t know what they are. Maybe deep conditioning.

4. Fantasize. Take a look at the era you chose as a favorite for clothing. Does it provide any insights into directions for hair and make-up?

Not really. I like minimal makeup, just tidy-looking with a bold lip for dress-up as a general rule. Also, most going-out makeup usually rubs off by the end of the night. This problem is being addressed but is a work in progress.

5. Google (or Go Shopping for fashion magazines). Given your goals for enhancing and dehancing, track down the products most likely to do the job.

Ideally this would involve finding what looks good with medium-fair skin and greenish eyes. So far I’ve heard match your eye color and contrast your eye color, so in the past I have bought green or purple. Right now I have some greeny ones and some silvery ones and beyond that I don’t really touch the rest (probably because they are too sparkly). I’m tempted to hunt down some matte browns and tans because they seem to work on anybody. But what are the odds of me using them? Slim.

6. Hunt and habit-form. Buy what you need and start on any improved I Feel Pretty routines.

Soon. I promise. Skin and hair care habits have been formed successfully. I just need to work on the full-scale prettification habits. And spell check was fine with “prettification”. Go figure.

And a gratuitous Polyvore:

I love her styling in this movie, it's very realistic and doable but she always looks good. Movie was kind of blah, though. Also a smattering of the stuff I go back to/ could find pictures of. Apparently I am a closet Clinique loyalist. But it doesn't irritate my eyes or make me break out, and I use it up so slowly it's not an unreasonable investment, so I am sticking with it!


Mella DP said...

I'd like to find a defrizzer that doesn't make my hair look oily or dirty.

That's my missing piece too. I'm pretty clueless with styling products and just recently figured out how to use gel to make my ends curl the right direction.

For the record, this is my foundation, I think (they changed the packaging). I must like it, since I just realized I've been buying it since college, so at least 10 years.

(Ok, and, my word verification: "bongstuff". Seriously. Hippie shampoo, indeed.)

Cookbook said...

I loved Scarlett Johannsen's look in Lost in Translation, too. Very simple and understated.