Thursday, April 8, 2010

Too Much Time On Polyvore (WT Style Statement Surfing)

This is a very good approximation of what I will be wearing to work today. And out tomorrow night. Click to embiggen. Too much black and denim.

In my dream closet there is apparently a LOT more color and texture. Also J. Crew. Apparently I am a closet prepster. I do have those sandals though and they are great!

And J. Crew, why do you not have any COLOR this year? Your whole selection seems to be black, taupe, cream, and mushroom. Boooring. I haunt your sale rack for preppy quirk to add to my closet and you give me taupe tanktops. Thanks for nothing. I'm starting to thing Preppy Quirk might resemble my style statement. Or Quirky Prep?


Mella DP said...

The vibe I'm getting is something like "West Coast Prep."

And I'm with you on the color thing - I'm seeing that hazy palette everywhere, and I don't really want to wear it either.

Cookbook said...

I noticed the same thing about J. Crew this season. It makes it really hard to say I actually LIKE anything.

drwende said...

I was thinking "ironic prep," but I like Mella's term better. You seem to be craving oranges.