Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Opinion Time Again!

So I have a lonely little corner that needs a lamp. Not a big statement lamp, as I am looking in the 18" tall range, but something that still stands out a bit. I like modern and color and reasonable prices. So here the options I have found so far.

Cute, but a hair on the small side. Love the color.

This is the perfect height, but is it too skinny? I am torn between the dark green with the b/w mum pattern or the cream with the r/w mum pattern. Also the resin base seems weird to me. I love me some nice ceramic. But so cute! Aah!

Maybe simple really is better? This comes in green with the nice white linen shade. Resin base is still weirding me out though. Also, I have never paid real money for a table lamp before. Most of the ones we have are either $5 from Ikea or Tarjay, or handmade by my dad. Can these compete?

And finally, in the shock and awe category:

I love these. They are gorgeous and very much not in the price range I am comfortable investing in. I know quality is worth paying for and I am sure they are beautifully made and one-of-a-kind. I will also happily buy the smallest piece of art my favorite artist makes just to have something to love. Maybe it's because they're functional, maybe it's because they're something like four times more than I have ever paid for art that I really love. But sadly, these are off the table. Or bookshelf, in this case.

Are there any other sources I should be checking? I prefer to get this stuff online because this town is very spread out so hunting stuff down in stores (mostly big-box stores) takes an entire afternoon. The top lamps are perfectly reasonable investment-level for me and I plan on having them for a very long time so I don't feel the need to go over-the-top with something like the last one, as much as I would rather support an independent artist.

Edited to add:

Here is the corner with its current lamp. I like the height but this lamp is going to a different room. Would a printed shade fight with the picture?


Marianne said...

I really like West Elm's selection, personally. Would you consider vintage? Etsy has lots of cute options:

Cookbook said...

I really like the skinny green one! With the shade shown in the pic.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Marianne, I like West Elm but was thinking about more color. That said, the third pair of lamps you have linked has been sitting in my favorites getting debated for several weeks now. The size is just right but I'd have to find shades for them. Also, color was one of the goals.

Cookbook, you don't think the stripy shade would fight with the photograph on the wall? I am terrible at pattern mixing.