Monday, April 19, 2010

WT Dress-A-Friend Monday!

Today it was my turn to dress Esti, and while I may have imposed some of my own color adoration upon her, hopefully she'll still enjoy some of my rainy day choices...

I tried not to go too nuts with the color on this one, I like the navy and gray together and I think the pink and floral make a great combo of edgy and girly.

I may have gone overboard with the color on this one but I love the girly/edgy combo of the studded trench with the yellow accents and the (waterproof!) bow flats. And those are nude fishnets! I hope you like it Esti!

1 comment:

Esti said...

Floral raincoat and pink Docs... mmm. You are spot-on. I reallyyyyy want brightly-colored Docs, actually... and floral ones. I'm just waiting until I'm done breaking in my regular pair enough that I won't completely neglect them once they have flashy cousins to compete with.

And I love the idea of waterproof flats. I may have to get some of those, I spend so much time in my rain boots. Thanks for the pretty outfits : )