Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Survived! Also A Vaguely WT-Related Conundrum

Easter is over. It was a huge success and I have successfully pawned off 90% of the candy on family and most of the leftovers on Matt's buddies (they're not picky, and it's all good stuff). I kept the last of the ham and jelly beans for myself. My diet is SO balanced right now. Now back to the real world. And the next project...

I have a friend who happens to know somebody who knows somebody etc. Completely unexpectedly, the upshot is, we've got a free suite at the Red Rock Spa in Vegas on an upcoming weekend. On the agenda: hiking in the Red Rocks, going to see shows, doing yoga by the pool. Since the suite is comped we will probably spend more time there than hanging out on the strip so I don't need sparkly club-wear but I do have to fit running/hiking shoes and a yoga mat in somehow. I am SO anti-checking-bags it is not funny, especially since I want to bring my camera for the hiking bits. And there will be at least one show to be seen. So how do I fit:

lounging-by-the-pool-wear (ok at least that will be easy to pack),
and evening-out/go-to-a-show-wear,
all in a carry-on?!

Maybe. This is the basic plan so far. Hiking-esque items can be worn on the plane and also can overlap with yogawear. Thus I only have to worry about eveningwear and the fact that I only own one swimsuit. Cue ominous music...


drwende said...

Fitting the yoga mat and multiple pairs of shoes worries me, but I happily check luggage.

Stuff closed shoes tightly with socks and underwear, and use that stuff to fill the interstices left when you set the shoes heel-to-toe.

The rest of your clothes look to be knits. Get them as flat as possible -- iron them if you have to, with the sleeves folded in toward the body -- and then ROLL each item as tightly as you can. This allows knits to pack more flexibly in less space.

Mella DP said...

Yeah, the mat and shoes make it difficult, but aside from that I don't think it should be that tough. I haven't checked baggage in probably 10 years. Sounds like a fun trip.

Cookbook said...

Do you have a mat carrier? They can be fitted into straps/slots in regular luggage to make things more compact.

And I agree with Wende on rolling things. It really does save a lot of space.