Thursday, April 15, 2010

Packing It In...

And heading out!

This actually all fits in my suitcase! The little red bag and the little green bag hold tightly rolled tops and unmentionables, I've got a pair of jeans in case it's actually cold and a couple of cardigans since everywhere is heavily air-conditioned. The skirts can be day or evening and so can the sandals (the flat ones are nice and shiny). And everything fits in with room for my camera and toiletry bag. And a swimsuit, of course! There is even an outer pocket that perfectly fits a book/magazine, and one that fits my baggie of liquids for easy removal for going through security. All I have left to toss in is my little dress-up bag and some jewelry.

I am not bringing real hiking boots but am wearing my walking shoes and hiking clothing on the plane. As long as I can get them to let me have my yoga mat loose then I am fine. Otherwise I am thinking about sticking a canvas bag in my purse so if they give me any guff I can whip it out and shove both purse and yoga mat in there. I'm hoping they won't care. Wish me luck!

I have never been to a Cirque du Soleil show, I'm really excited! We're staying here and it looks so nice! I will give a proper update after my little Vegas adventure, I just had to post because I am all hyper. Pardon the exclamation points!

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