Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Me day/ the good things about sisters

So I've been indulging myself a little to try and feel good about myself, it's not really necessary but it's nice. I went and got that haircut after all and I really like it (we'll see how I feel about these bangs after I sleep on them), went to Target and picked up some new Boots cosmetics as a treat, and ordered a pair of sandals from Zappos (I'll post a pic when they show up/if they fit).

I also stopped by my sister's and played in the yard with the kiddo for a while, he's so industrious with his tiny shovels and dump trucks but he always needs somebody to use the other shovel. It's adorable. I brought her a sweater and a shirt that are too small on me and some shoes that she's going to try and eBay for me (stupid final sale suckering me into shoes that don't fit with no returns, grr), and she gave me a shirt that's too big for her and a shrub that her husband wanted to get rid of since the puppy chewed it up (it's fine,. he's just picky and it needs a little love). Whenever I shrink clothing I take it to her, and since she lost the pregnancy weight I've gotten a couple of cute shirts (broad shoulders will apparently sub for pregnancy boobs in a lot of stretchy shirts). It's not a bad deal having her around, I have to say.

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