Saturday, May 17, 2008

I always forget to put titles on these things

Whoo, Blogger is going all wonky on me, we'll see if this posts or not.

So I had a little expedition yesterday, I took a pile of clothing to Rad Betty's: the semi-upscale, partially just weird clothing resale store and, while most of my stuff was too wintry for her to take, she did take a few things and gave me some trade, which I used to get the perfect spring/fall coat. It's hip-length, plain and lined, burgundy wool (not black!) and my out-of-pocket expenditure was $2.15 total. So of course I find it during the first heat wave of the year, but as multiple people have already said to me this week, "This is Nevada, it could still snow next week".

Then I hit Ross. I was debating driving across town to Banana Republic to look at some pants on sale on their website but decided it was too much for one day (new mall, fancy, other side of town, whine whine whine), so I went to Ross by my house since they have been hit or miss for pants and I figured it was worth a shot. I went through my pants drawer the other day and realized, I basically own four pairs of pants I don't hate - two are jeans, and the other two are too nice to wear to work. I also have two pairs of wear-to-work jeans that I have shrunk and they make me crazy but are still useful enough to work in. When I shrink my jeans, this means that they are high waters and show off my socks, which drives me crazy. However, due to the aforementioned heat wave, I am now cuffing them and wearing them to work at capri-length.

Anyways, the point was, no pants at Ross, except a new pair of those long workout shorts that I have been looking for to wear to the gym, and I found a nice top (I wore it out last night and someone asked me if it was from Banana Republic, I thought that was entertaining). A nice, not black top that doesn't show too much cleavage - some nice tops are going out tops for evenings etc. but this is a nice top that I could wear out to brunch with my parents. Also, not black. Sort of cream-colored pattern on a nice red background. I cannot tell you how much of a triumph this is.
But it does mean I still need pants.

Also, I missed going to the gym before it closed today (it closes at 4 on Saturdays - lame!) because I was on the phone to my mom for an hour and a half. She and my dad just got back from an awesome vacation to Hungary where my dad grew up (and hasn't been back in 40 years) so I needed to catch up and it was cool, they went to a porcelain factory that we've got some old family pieces from , and they just had to tell me that the new stuff wasn't as nice as the stuff we lost in the 1989 earthquake , and that it is insanely expensive now. I thought that was really funny, for some reason. I mean this is pretty: But not a thousand bucks pretty. Am I wrong?

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