Monday, May 26, 2008

On Cooking For Other People (and why I like it), Also Possibly Bragging A Little Bit

People have told me I should open a restaurant. I have laughed at them.

I love cooking for my friends. My family and friends, I should say. Last Thanksgiving none of my sisters wanted to host and I volunteered. They are all 6-12 years older than I am with their own families etc. and little kids. I had been married just over a year and my husband has lots of family too...

I made two turkeys. Also four pies. We called it a potluck and invited all of our family and another dozen friends, who all brought stuff too. It was awesome.

So yesterday I had some people over for brunch. We had o.j. and pancakes. And cinnamon bananas sauteed in o.j. and rum, and mixed berries, and the random bottle of champagne that somebody brought over a while ago got used for mimosas. It's not hard to feed people well if you're motivated. It's harder to feed fewer people because you're just not as motivated.

We're having some more friends over for dinner tonight. It's another excuse to cook. I love it. I'm marinating a tri-tip in red wine, garlic and rosemary. I'll roast some peppers and squash in the oven, and I'm making mousse. Because I can. I love cooking for people. Small groups is ideal: tonight is two couples, yesterday was three of our good friends (one of whom brought the champagne, that's a savvy guest right there).

Also, gotta plant my new tomatoes and peppers today. I'm excited for all of my new seedlings, I need to get some tomato stakes. And propane. Especially propane before I am supposed to be barbecuing tonight... figures the one thing I forgot is the most crucial (other than the food, I suppose).


drwende said...

I'm making mousse. Because I can.

That should be on a t-shirt. Take pictures, please!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Ha, I wish I had thought to take pictures, it was very picturesque (red bell pepper or mixed berries makes anything picturesque). Next time I'll remember, I promise.