Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On Frustration (or why I hate shopping)

So I am trying to buy a greenhouse. One that will be able to withstand +50 mph winds, freezing winters, snow and +100F summers (not all summer, but still...). I have been trolling the internet for far too long now with little to no success. There are too many brands, too many websites and too few reviews for me to read. I don't want to get it wrong on an expensive investment that should hopefully invigorate our veggie gardening for years to come. And there are so many accessories! I have been working in a huge greenhouse so I can't imagine any greenhouse in Nevada working without evaporative coolers, thermostats, shade cloths, and all sorts of extras. I guess I could buy that stuff after the fact if I decided I need it.

AND they all come as kits. Which means I would have to assemble whatever one I chose. I hate assembling huge complicated things with no help.

And the help, oh yeah. The help says, "we need that, you should get it". But the help is the one with the fancy job and we do not have a joint bank account. So whenever he thinks we need something expensive that I would never think of buying on my own, I do all the shopping and all the work and end up putting it on my credit card where it sits for weeks until I badger him into paying me back. He doesn't get it. I wouldn't be doing this if it was my budget, and it's still weird to be doing it on his, apparently for both of us.



zooza said...

I hope you find a suitable greenhouse even though I am, um, green with envy. We've no where to put one, but it would make veggie gardening so much easier as you say. I also like the idea of pottering about in a greenhouse - very grown up.

The high winds sound like to biggest problem - you could end up with lots of broken glass. But for the assembly, could you find a local handyperson to do that for you (in the spirit of not doing everything oneself)?

Anne (in Reno) said...

The ones I have been looking at are all a type of double-walled plastic product, I haven't been even looking at the glass ones as they tend to be far more expensive. They're more of the decorative "luxury" ones and that is far beyond what we aspire to.

I like the idea of being able to grow my own veggies while it's snowing outside. And I LOVE the idea of hiring my favorite local handyperson to help me assemble it - they all say "easy to assemble" etc. but I think they might have different definitions of easy than I do. And I feel like that might be a point in our favor when the high winds come up - having it not assembled by just me on my own.

Erin said...

Like Zooza, I love the idea of pottering around in a greenhouse. It sounds wonderful. It's strange that there aren't more online reviews for them -- is there a print source that might be helpful?