Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Conundrum

I have a plan for tonight: I got a nice piece of fish from Trader Joe's and I was going to saute it up with a little olive oil/garlic/herb action and pretend it's Indian and serve it with some nice dal and naan bread (I love you some days, Mister Joe). Then I was going to have a nice productive rehearsal with my band and, after that, catch the premiere of the new Project Runway (the ONLY reality show I will watch). When our cable people stopped letting us watch Bravo, I watched it on YouTube for nearly two whole seasons. When our cable company also dropped MTV, I laughed at Matt because he was the only one who watched MTV, and it turned into Lifetime, which neither of us watch. Until now. Tonight may be the first time I watch anything on Lifetime, as they somehow now own PR and I haven't been able to watch it from my couch for a couple of years now. So that sounds nice, right?

Whatever you may think of these books, cheesy, ripped off from superior source material, leading our children down a path to Hell, I have to say they do get pretty cliffhangery at the end. And I can always watch PR on YouTube, right?

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