Friday, August 14, 2009

Furlough Friday Fun

Well, maybe not fun, per se. But mind-blowing productivity. I guess that's what happens when your time is free and your to-do list is reasonable:

I weeded the front yard. Not the entire front yard, but the ugly bit that really needed it. Very satisfying, esp. since I want to get planting out there in a couple of weeks!

I mowed the lawn - also desperately needed, because as we have a reel mower, it's not that quick to do, so I put it off. Incidentally, has anyone ever re-seeded a lawn? Ours is a little wimpy-looking right now. I know it's August so everything looks a bit parched, but it might get added to the future To Dos.

I built a path in the front yard. Some of the flagstones are still tippy but that is an easy fix. Point is, no more lugging flagstone around for me now. Mine isn't quite this fancy as we already have decomposed granite mulch out there so it's not edged and the gaps are filled with DG but it is still going to look great when I plant stuff around it.

I used up a gallon of stripper on the back porch. God that stuff is horrible. Sure works though. Looks like I'll be needing 2-3 more gallons at this rate. Yeesh.

I went to the local landscaping place and started pricing flagstone alternatives for the backyard - I found out how much it would cost to do it with flagstone to match the front path and decided I needed to look for some other options. So far, not much luck. Still, I tried. That's all that was on the list ;)

Tonight I get to go to a fancy salon and get a real haircut... I have always gotten respectable cuts at Cost Cutters and the ladies are nice, but Matt has a lady who he has gone to for years and he is convinced that I should see her too (to the point that he made me the appointment). I'd like to do better by my poor shaggy head as I am trying to grow it out, so that should be interesting We'll see if I go back.

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