Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a Buzz

What a nice way to start a morning - I got buzzed. In my own yard. I walked out the back door and there is a bright magenta salvia that is in thoroughly full bloom, and there was a hummingbird checking it out. So I backed up around the corner to not scare it away. And who should come around the corner to check me out? No, not Matt. The hummingbird! So I back up, and it zooms all around REALLY CLOSE TO ME to the point that there is nothing else it could be doing other than checking me out. And then it zooms off to my other big fat blooming blue salvia to finish its meal, and takes off.

And that, in short, made my week.


scb said...

What a fantastic experience! Thanks for sharing!


Appropriately enough, the word verification is colour (Yes, the Canadian spelling). Your story is a delightful spot of color/colour in an otherwise gray and rainy day. Thanks!

terander said...

Fantastic! I love the sound of their little wings drumming in the air!
And thank you for the note on my post - it was a huge relief! xox

Anne (in Reno) said...

Glad you guys enjoyed, I had to share just because it made me so happy. And Emma, I was relieved for you too!