Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Minor Triumph (!)

As you may remember, I have been putting off dealing with my back patio. It is much more satisfying to look at my nice plants. My back patio is covered with a combination of green paint and the remainder of the adhesive that used to hold the Astroturf on before Matt ripped it off (go Matt!) many moons ago.

It is now slightly less green. I only bought a quart of nasty chemicals and I will clearly be needing at least a couple of gallons. But I have one nice little clean area now.

It's a horrid toxic gel but you paint it on thick and it makes the layers of paint and crap bubble up and then you can scrape them off fairly easily. The shiny parts are the ones I've finished - they are actual concrete color. The goal is to get it all cleaned up and then stain it a nice solid color, maybe just a darker gray or dark brown.

It sure is satisfying though. I only spent about an hour doing it before I ran out of goop but I have my "furlough day" on Friday (yes, the state of Nevada is also trying to cover its butt with employment numbers, yes I am on a grant and thus shouldn't be affected, yes I still get to take an unpaid vacation day Friday, and yes I am darn well going to get going on the rest of this green junk!) so I'll have some more time to spend on it.


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plangal said...

Wow, I can appreciate the stress of stripping...no fun! (Well, sort of at first and then it's like...man oh man, I still have to strip?)

I also have a furlough day. I call it "recession time" (like vacation time, except unpaid!).