Monday, August 3, 2009

Just another...

aah, Monday. When I'd rather blog than get anything real done. So... a recap.

Friday night I talked Matt into taking me to Harry Potter (I was supposed to go with my sister, but she was supposed to wait until I got back in town, so whatever). He later compared it to walking in in the middle of the second Lord of the Rings movie - he hasn't seen the others and they really skimp on the exposition in this one. I did enjoy it but I recall in this one and the one before some touching hospital scenes that got completely left out that make the bad guys a lot more clear-cut - in this one, Helena Bonham Carter does a lovely bat$#it crazy, but you never get the connection made that she tortured Neville's parents to death and enjoyed every minute. There's just a lack of depth that can't be helped. I did love the effects of the potions on Ron and Harry, they're really improving at the comic stuff, and Draco did some of his best acting in this one, as the snotty spoiled brat who finally starts realizing what he's gotten himself into. And I love whoever it was that played his mom.

Saturday I trekked down to Grass Valley for a baby shower. This was the third weekend of extended driving in a row now. And I have decided that next weekend I am not driving ANYWHERE. Also, my car needs an oil change, a new brake light and a bunch of other crap so that can be my excuse to make sure I get to actually stay home and work in my yard instead of traipsing off somewhere again (although, they have all been somewhere fun, so it's hard to argue). Also, I finally got to meet the clearly-not-apocryphal-at-all "kitties" of the stocked pond of a family friend. The shower was at his place and he has a pond with catfish that are ridiculously large and will come up and say hi when you toss out some food. Yes, we fed the kitties. And they are maybe 2.5-3 feet long. Big kitties.

And that was about it. The weather has alternated between sweltering heat and awesome summer thunderstorms. My yard is surviving but is currently chock-full of quail and mourning doves due to the fact that ALL of the weeds have now gone to seed. I am in big trouble. Thankfully, these areas in the future will be planted and hopefully covered with ground cover by this time next summer so it will not look quite so bad. The doves and quail are pretty cute though. Hopefully we can strike a balance so they will still hang out without my yard needing to look like a total mess.


Alana in Canada said...

Wow. Doves and Quail in your front yard? Awesome.
And yes, stay home. One needs to do that once in a while.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Oh it was so cute today, I walked out to my car and totally surprised a whole quail family. I wish I had had my camera, there were tiny quail babies that were RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. Lots of them. By my car. The cuteness was well-nigh unbelievable.